European Flags Quiz: We Bet You Can’t Ace This European Flags Quiz

European Flags Quiz
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Welcome to our European Flags Quiz. Here you can attempt to identify European Flags in one large quiz.

Europe is one of the World’s continents. It is located in the Northern Hemisphere. There are 44 countries in Europe today (actually 50 sovereign states, 6 of which are with limited recognition), or as some people also say in the Old World. Europe is situated on the continent called Eurasia. Europe shares this continent with Asia. The main dividing line between Europe and Asia goes through the Ural mountains in Russa. Western civilization was born in Europe with the development of ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Later European countries spread their culture and language to other continents, especially the Americas and Australia during the Age of Discovery. The Industrial Revolution also began in Europe and later spread all over the world. So Europe has played a significant (although not always benevolent) part in the history of the world.

Every country of Europe has its own flag. Europe is divided into groups of countries by their history, ethnicity, religion, language, etc. For example, there are Scandinavian countries, Balkan countries, Western and Eastern European countries, former republics of the Soviet Union, countries of the former Warsaw Pact, Romance language countries. So we are using these divisions for ease of flag identification.


European Flags Quiz Questions

How much do you actually know about European flags? Can you tell the flag of France from the Flag of Italy? Can you identify the flag of the United Kingdom or the Netherlands? To help you identify European flags we have grouped them by regions in our quiz game. Test your knowledge of the flags of Northern or Western Europe. Do you remember the flags of all the Scandinavian or Eastern European countries? How well do you remember the flags of the Balkan Peninsula countries or the former Soviet Union republics? Check your knowledge by taking our Quiz! If you can identify 18/20 European Flags, we’ll be seriously impressed!

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