Flags That Look Alike: Sorry, Only A Real Genius Can Get 18/20 On This Difficult Flags That Look Alike Quiz

Flags That Look Alike Quiz
Source: Encyclopedia Britannica

Welcome to our Flags That Look Alike Quiz. Here you can check how well you can distinguish flags of the world by taking our similar flags quiz.

There are 195 countries in the world. Absolutely every country is proud to have its own flag. Some flags are pretty similar, some have only minor differences. Some of the flags have similar stripes, similar colors, some only differ by having a crest or other insignia. At times flags from completely opposite parts of the world have almost no differences at all.

Even if you know world flags pretty well it’s still very confusing, especialply when you are watching international sports competitions, where flags are small and difficult to distinguish. Some flags bear significant similarities because of their countries’ histories. For example, several Eastern European and Slavic countries bear the so-called Pan-Slavic tricolor. This tricolor is based on the flag of Russia, which was initially introduced in the 17th century, and is now again (after the Soviet times) used as the national flag of Russia. Flags of Monaco, Poland, and Indonesia are pretty much the same, however, they differ by their proportions, and by the placement of two colors. And the most similar flags in the world are Romania and Chad, which are almost indistinguishable.


Flags That Look Alike Quiz Questions

How much do you actually know about Flags of the World? Can you tell the flag of Italy from the flag of Mexico? Can you identify the flag of Ireland or the Netherlands? To help you identify flags of the world we have grouped them by hemispheres, continents, regions, population, and size in our quiz. Test your knowledge of the flags of North or South America. Do you remember the flags of African or European countries? How well do you remember the flags of Scandinavian countries or Asian countries? Check your knowledge by taking our Flags That Look Alike Quiz! If you can score 18/20 on this Flags Quiz, we’ll be seriously impressed!

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