Flag Quiz: Only 20% Of People Can Get 17/20 On This Flag Quiz

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Hello and welcome to our Flag Quiz. Here you can test your knowledge about flags of the world in one quiz.

There are 195 countries in the world. Every country of the world has its own flag. Some flags are pretty similar and some are very unique. Some just have colored stripes on them and some have really intricate crests.

All the countries are proud of their flags because a flag is one of the signs of the country’s independence and a way to recognize the country immediately. For example, when you are watching sports on TV you can immediately recognize which country an athlete is from just by looking at a little flag on the scoreboard or the athlete’s uniform. It’s a special honor to be the flag bearer of your country at the Olympics. Also, fans of national teams even dress in national colors and decorate their faces with the national flag of their countries. Some people like to decorate their homes with their national flag as well.


Colors of a country’s flag play a huge symbolic meaning in the art and design of this country. Tourists love to buy souvenirs with little flags or designed in the flag’s colors too. By the way, statistically most flags are tricolor, that means they bear only three colors. Tricolors are pretty easy to remember.

Flag Quiz Questions

How much do you actually know about flags of the world? Can you tell the flag of France from the flag of Mexico? Can you identify the the flag of the United Kingdom or the USA? To help you identify flags of the world we have grouped them by hemispheres, continents, regions, population, and size in our Flag Quiz. Test your knowledge of the flags of North or South America. Do you remember the flags of all the African or European countries? How well do you remember the flags of Middle Eastern countries or East Asian countries? Check your knowledge by taking our Flag Quiz! Only a real genius can score 18/20 on this Flag Quiz!

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