Food Quiz Questions: Let’s Find Out If You’re A Real Japanese Food Expert

Japanese Food Quiz Questions
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Konnichiwa! Arigatou for reaching our Japanese Food Quiz page. Now you can test your Japanese Cuisine knowledge in one interesting quiz.

Japanese food has become very popular worldwide. You can find Japanese restaurants on all the continents of the world. Traditional Japanese food is called Washoku. This food is popular because it’s delicious, simple and very healthy, and based on seasonal ingredients. Sushi, of course, is the most popular Japanese dish, but there are other delicious dishes that you can try in Japan and in Japanese restaurants around the world.

Japanese cuisine is based on rice, fish, seafood, seaweed, vegetables, and soy products. Meat hadn’t been used, as it had been a taboo during the Edo period. So meat and poultry are not as widely used as fish and seafood in Japan. However, whale meat was consumed quite a lot. The main staple product is, of course, rice. Fish and seafood are staples too because Japan is an island nation. It’s surrounded by the ocean. Another staple is pickled vegetables. There’s a wide selection of pickled veggies in Japanese cuisine. And a great emphasis is placed on the seasonality of ingredients.


Japanese Food Quiz Questions

How much do you actually know about Japanese food? Can you tell Tofu from Edamame and Ramen from Tempura? What are the most popular Japanese dishes made of? What Japanese seasonings and other ingredients do you know? Do you know anything about their traditional pickles? What about Japanese Food Etiquette? What do Japanese people say to each other and their guests before starting their meal? Also, do you know where some of the now common Japanese dishes were initially adopted from? Check your knowledge by taking our Japanese Food Quiz! If you can answer 18/20 food quiz questions then you are a real Japanese food expert and perhaps a top sushi chef!

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