Food Quiz: Can You Guess The Correct Spelling Of These Italian Foods With 100% Accuracy?

Food Quiz
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Welcome to our Italian Food Quiz page. Here you can test your spelling skills and your knowledge about Italian Cuisine in one large spelling quiz.

Italian food is one of the most widespread on our planet. You can find Italian restaurants on all the continents of the world. Italian food is popular because it’s delicious, hearty and simple. In addition to that, the Mediterranean diet that Italian cuisine is based on is actually very good for your health.

Pizza and pasta are, of course, the most well known Italian dishes. Not to mention that Pizza is probably one of the most popular foods in the world ever. It may be even more popular than burgers, sushi or donuts. However, there are other delicious dishes that you can try in Italy and in Italian restaurants around the world.

It’s hard to believe that Italy is one of the youngest countries in our world. It’d just a bit over 150 years old as a country. Before that, all the modern regions of Italy were separate independent states. So Italian cuisine formed not that long ago. Every region of Italy has its own special offerings. Many of these dishes have names that are pretty difficult to spell and pronounce for English speakers.

Italian Food Quiz Questions

How much do you actually know about Italian food and its correct spelling? Are you able to order your favorite food in an Italian restaurant? Can you spell the name of your favorite pizza and pasta dishes? What about Italian cheeses and ham? Do you know the names of Italian dumplings and rice dishes? What have you heard about Italian regional specialties? Please don’t hesitate to take our Italian Food Quiz! If you can spell 18/20 of the Italian dishes mentioned in our Food Quiz, we’ll be seriously impressed! Bon Appetit!

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