15 Insanely Simple Omelet Recipes Everyone Should Try

Omelet Recipes
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Welcome to our collection of simple omelet recipes.


Omelet is a dish made of beaten eggs fried in a hot buttered pan. People usually cook it for breakfast. Omelets can have a wide variety of fillings such as vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, chives, onions, spinach, peas, ham, bacon, cheese, smoked salmon, meat, fish and even rice. You can even make a sweet omelet with jelly and sprinkle it with caster sugar.

Omelet Filings

You can cook the fillings in small pieces on a hot skillet, and then pour the beaten eggs over the fillings. Or you can add the fillings when beating the eggs. You can also cook a plain omelet, place the fillings upon it and fold it in half before serving. Adding a bit of milk, cream or gravy to the batter can make omelet even tastier. Some people cook omelet only using egg whites to cut fat and cholesterol. Be careful not to overcook your omelet. When an omelet is cooked it should be served immediately or it would harden and become rubbery.


The word omelet comes from the French word omelette. This dish is very popular in French cuisine. There are also interesting varieties of omelets in Japan. For example, omelet is a popular component of sushi. Tamagoyaki is a Japanese variety of omelet. Restaurants and sushi bars make it by cooking beaten eggs in a rectangular frying pan and rolling several layers of cooked eggs together by using chopsticks. Sometimes Japanese cooks add soy sauce to the eggs. Omurice is a Japanese dish that the Japanese restaurants and moms make of rice and omelet and season it with tomato sauce. Frittata is the Italian variety of omelet. But. the Spanish variety is called Tortilla or Tortilla De Patatas. Spanish cooks make it with potatoes as the main filling.

Simple Omelet Recipes

Omelet is actually a pretty easy dish to cook for breakfast. We have prepared 15 quick and easy omelets. So you can make some of them in minutes. Most of our recipes are tried and tested, and we have based them on vintage cookbooks.

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#1 Plain Omelet

This one is easy! Beat eggs with milk, pepper, salt added to taste. Fry in a buttered skillet.

#2 Meat Or Fish Omelets

Take cold meat, fish or poultry, cut it small. Either toss it in a buttered skillet, fry until it begins to brown and pour beaten eggs upon it, or beat it up with the eggs, or spread it upon them after they have begun to set in the pan. Serve hot, with or without sauce, herbs or pickles. You can add milk or gravy to the eggs while beating them.

#3 Vegetable Omelet

Chop vegetables (tomatoes or green peas, or mushrooms, or onions, or asparagus tops, or potatoes). Toss the vegetables in a buttered pan. Pour some beaten and seasoned eggs over the veggies.

#4 Omelet With Herbs

Use a mixture of parsley, thyme, and marjoram to make the French omelette aux fines herbes, or mix two tablespoons of minced parsley, onions, chives, shallots and a bit of sorrel, and stir the herbs into the beaten eggs before cooking to make an omelet jardiniere.

#5 Cheese Omelet

Beat up three eggs, add 1 tablespoon of milk and a tablespoon of grated cheese, add a little more cheese before folding, grate a little cheese over it before serving.