Slogans Quiz: We Bet You Can’t Score 15/15 On This Ad Slogans Quiz

Slogans Quiz
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Welcome to Quiz Games’ Ad Slogans Quiz page. Here you can test your memory and your knowledge about the most famous Ad Slogans in one large fill-in-the-blanks quiz.

Ad slogans are the famous catchphrases that you associate with brands. Whenever you hear such a catchphrase you immediately think of the brand and its product. Usually, these phrases are very brief and memorable. So every brand must have a slogan, it’s usually part of any company’s branding strategy.

Slogans come from heraldry, where every noble family or a clan had a special motto that was placed above the crest on the coat of arms.


Making slogans is a real art. The slogan must be likable, show all the benefits of the product or service in one short phrase, and leave out the brand name.

Some slogans are like household names. When you utter them in a conversation other people immediately understand what company you are talking about. Some slogans are used in various jokes and memes. Sometimes you remember certain ad slogans since your childhood. It takes a lot of work, determination and loads of money spent on advertising to make your slogan a globally recognized catchphrase and to make it likable.

We have selected the most famous slogans, ad taglines, and catchphrases from the most recognized global brands for this quiz. They are familiar to people in many countries of the world because often global brands adapt and translate their ads and taglines for international audiences.

Ad Slogans Quiz Questions

How much do you actually know about the most famous ad slogans? Have you seen these famous ads? How well do you remember them? What advertising catchphrases can you say off the top of your head? Are you a true fan of these companies or just have a perfect memory? Maybe you’re a marketing genius? Check your knowledge by taking our Ad Slogans Quiz! If you can score 14/15 on this quiz, we’ll be amazed at your memory!

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