Brand Quiz: This Apple Quiz Will Separate The Real Fans From Wannabe Fans

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Dear Apple fan, welcome to our Apple Brand Quiz page. You can test your knowledge about your favorite brand.

Apple is a super-popular and highly innovative manufacturer of personal computers, handheld devices, smartphones, software, and its own operating systems for computers and mobile devices.

Apple has reinvented the world of music publishing with its iPod players and iTunes media player, music library app and media store where you can purchase individual songs and entire albums for an affordable price (although this piece of software is a bit bloated).


Apple also made smartphones popular when it released its first iPhone, an innovative cellular phone that has an app for any task imaginable. Later Apple introduced the App Store, a huge marketplace of a wide variety of apps for its numerous devices.

In addition to that, Apple pioneered tablet devices by releasing its iconic iPad tablet computer in 2010. The iPad uses the same iOS operating system as the iPhone. This handheld device is a perfect laptop replacement. For example, the current version of iPad Pro along with Apple Pencil stylus and Procreate drawing and painting software is used by artists throughout the world for their on the go creations.

Apple is also the maker of Macintosh computers and laptops that come with Apple’s own Mac operating system. Even though these computers are pretty expensive they are the industry standard for designers and music producers.

Apple has been around for several decades and has reached the status of the world’s most valuable company in the world. It’s also one of the most talked-about companies in the world, one of the most powerful brands. No wonder that diehard Apple fans can queue for days to be the first who get Apple’s new products, despite their hefty price tags.

Apple Brand Quiz Questions

Apple has its own legacy, its own history, and a massive amount of trivia and facts that fans know all about. How much do you know about the legendary company? How well do you know the most important dates of its history? What do you know about its founders, about the legendary Steve Jobs? Do you know where its headquarters is located? Maybe you know so much about the iconic company that you could be an Apple Evangelist? Take this quiz and find out! Test your knowledge about Apple!

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