Star Wars Quiz: Only Real Star Wars Fans Can Get 20/20 On This Star Wars Character Name Spelling Quiz

Star Wars Quiz

Hello and welcome to our Star Wars Quiz. You can test your memory and your spelling abilities by selecting the right spelling of Star Wars character names.

Star Wars is an iconic space opera movie franchise. It’s one of the most recognizable works of science fiction in history. Star Wars characters are a significant part of popular culture. They appear in memes, there are references to them in other popular movies and TV shows, kids wear costumes of Star Wars characters for Halloween. And dolls, Lego toys and action figures of Star Wars characters bring millions of dollars in sales to Lucasfilm and Disney (who bought Lucasfilm not long ago).

Since all the characters are aliens for us, as the saga takes place in a galaxy far away, they have wonderfully weird names, and sometimes even silly names. Stories about the inspiration George Lucas had for these names have already become legendary. For example, Chewbacca is named after “sobaka”, a Russian word meaning “a dog”. And R2-D2’s name comes from the phrase “reel two, dialogue two” used by the director when writing dialogue for the first movie. Darth comes from the English word “dark” and Vader from the German word for “father”. Surprisingly, George Lucas said he hadn’t planned to make Darth Vader Luke’s father before working on The Empire Strikes Back. Poe Dameron is named after the stuffed panda toy named Po that JJ Abrams’ daughter used to have. So probably he was named after Kung Fu Panda.

So all these Star Wars character names are pretty unusual for our world, and it’s quite difficult to pronounce them and spell them correctly.

Star Wars Quiz Questions

How much do you actually know about Star Wars and the iconic characters from this movie franchise? Can you spell the names of all the aliens, robots, Jedi and Sith correctly? What about the Emperor and the Queen of Naboo? Can you spell the names of the characters from the new trilogy or you better remember the spelling of the character names from the original trilogy?

Are you a real Jedi Master? Check your knowledge of the Star Wars Universe by taking our Star Wars Quiz! If you score 18/20 on this Star Wars Quiz, the Force is strong in you!

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