The Mandalorian Quiz – How Much Star Wars Knowledge Do You Have?

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Hello and welcome to The Mandalorian Quiz by Quiz Games. If you love watching The Mandalorian then here you can check your memory and your knowledge of the series.

The Mandalorian is the first-ever live-action series based on the Star Wars Universe. It’s been released on Disney+ by Lucasfilm and Disney. It has gained huge popularity right after the release.

Mandalorians are famous warriors associated with the planet Mandalore. They are not a single species from Mandalore but a multi-species community of warrior tribes and clans. The Mandalorian in the series adheres to the code of not taking his helmet off.


Another prominent character of the series is the super-cute Baby Yoda with his big ears and huge eyes.

Apparently, he is a baby from the same race as Yoda. Most of the time he sits in a small floating crib and occasionally plays with the Mandalorian’s spaceship controls. And even used the Force a few times. So he is Force-sensitive.

It’s incredibly moving to see how the Mandalorian gave up all his life and career to be a single father and to protect the adorable little green baby.

Baby Yoda has become extremely popular. Thanks to his cuteness and the surprise factor of his sudden emergence in a pretty dark space western action movie.

We already have a few quizzes on Baby Yoda on Quiz Games. You can check how much of a Baby Yoda you are or check your knowledge of Baby Yoda trivia.

But this quiz is about the series’ title character, the Mandalorian, or simply Mando.

The Mandalorian Quiz Questions

How much do you know about the Mandalorian? What is his name? What do you remember about the series? Have you seen all of the episodes released on Disney+? Take The Mandalorian Quiz to find out! Let’s jump right in!