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Who are foster kittens? Fostering kittens is bringing up newborn kittens, providing them with a temporary home and caring for them until they are old enough to be adopted by a permanent home with a family who will love them forever.

Kittens under the age of 8 weeks who don’t have a mother need a human parent for survival. If you’ve found newborn kittens without a mother in your neighborhood you need to take them to a local shelter within 24 hours. Fostering helps save their life.

What does it take to foster kittens?

It takes great dedication to foster young kittens. Newborn babies can’t see or hear, they also can’t burp, pee or poop on their own. They need to be stimulated to pee and poop after each feeding. This is what usually a mother cat does. So you have to bottle feed them every 2 hours. Some foster kittens have a problem with latching, and their foster parents have to tube feed them, which is not an easy task, and requires proper training. Some babies have health problems, fleas, lice and maggots. You also have to provide the best temperature for the newborns, and most kitten fosterers can’t afford the expensive incubators.


Of course, foster parents become attached to their foster kittens. It’s always difficult to give the little pet up for adoption. But now we have Instagram and many families who have adopted pets keep their foster parents updated with photos and videos of their babies. Sometimes foster parents decide to keep their kittens permanently. That’s why shelters are always on the lookout for new foster homes.

How can you help?

We are happy to write about the wonderful people who make the world a better place by fostering newborn kittens. Please consider adopting from your local kitten foster or shelter and offering them your help, please also don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets to prevent pet overpopulation.

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