Car Quiz Questions: Only True Tesla Fans Can Get 20/20 On This Ultimate Trivia Quiz

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Welcome to the Tesla Car Quiz Game page. Here you can test your knowledge about Tesla, its history, and its amazing electric cars in one large quiz.

Tesla is a highly innovative and very popular company that develops and manufactures electric supercars and vehicles, batteries, and solar batteries (through its subsidiary). It truly is a company from the future, just like the ones you previously could only find in Sci-Fi movies and books. If a flying vehicle or a time machine vehicle ever were manufactured we bet it would be a Tesla.

Tesla is headed by the famous tech investor, engineer, and entrepreneur Elon Musk. In addition to Tesla, he is also the founder, designer, and CEO of SpaceX private aerospace manufacturer. Elon Musk even launched a Tesla car into the Earth’s orbit on board of his Falcon Heavy spacecraft. The car went into the orbit with a dummy astronaut behind the wheel.

Musk also wants to colonize Mars and believes in the idea that we all live in a computer simulation probably created by some supernatural beings or machines, not unlike the concept that was introduced in the Matrix movies.

Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk are always in the news. Tesla is surely the most popular developer and manufacturer of electric cars in the world. It has lots of fans and millions of people dreaming about an expensive futuristic car like Tesla.

Tesla Car Quiz Questions

What about you? Are you a fan of Tesla? How well do you know the innovative automotive brand? How much do you know about these elegant electric cars? What have you heard about the legendary first flight of a vehicle in outer space? Can you tell one Tesla car model from the others? Do you know where Tesla’s name comes from and where its manufacturing plant is located? Have you heard that the company is planning to release its first truck? Take this Tesla Car Quiz and find out! Test your knowledge about Tesla by answering our Tesla Car Quiz questions! If you can score 18/20, we’ll be seriously impressed!

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