Car Quiz: Only The Truest Ferrari Fans Can Ace This Ferrari Auto Quiz, So Proceed If You Dare

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Welcome to our Ferrari Auto Quiz page. Here you can test your knowledge about Ferrari by answering our car quiz questions.

Ferrari is probably the most legendary luxury sports car manufacturer and racing team in the world. The most common color of Ferrari is red, its the brand’s signature hue. Ferrari supercars are also some of the most expensive vehicles on this planet. So Ferrari is also one of the most powerful brands of all time and has some of the most dedicated and loyal fans. Are you one of them?

Ferrari is also the most famous racing team in Formula One and endurance racing. It’s one of the oldest Formula One and most successful teams. It has some of the most prominent achievements, including lots of consecutive drivers’ and constructors’ championships. In addition to that, it is also the only team that has competed in every F1 race and every F1 season since the beginning of Formula One history. Ferrari was the team of choice of some of the most legendary drivers. Ferrari fans are called Tifosi. They follow their favorite team Scuderia Ferrari all over the world. They always show their love for the legendary team by displaying a giant red flag with Ferrari’s emblem in the grandstands after every Grand Prix.


Our Car Quiz Questions

How much do you actually know about Ferrari? What do you know about the legendary supercar manufacturer’s legacy? What about their racing history? Do you know where Ferrari is located? How much do you know about the iconic luxury cars manufacturer’s founder Enzo Ferrari? Can you identify Ferrari cars in a photo? Can you tell Ferrari cars from other luxury manufacturers’ cars like Lamborghini or Porsche? Who won Formula One championships for Ferrari? Who were the most legendary Ferrari drivers and Ferrari team principals? Check your knowledge by taking our Ferrari Auto Quiz! If you score 18/20 on this Car Quiz, then you are a real Tifosi!

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