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Pampered Pets: Meet Sora – The Most Insanely Pampered And Well-Mannered Cat Ever!

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Source: @ai_sora0606 Instagram

We are so used to seeing ridiculously pampered pets! Pet owners would go to great lengths to spoil their little companions, but Sora is probably the most pampered pet ever — and it’s too cute!

Sora is a red and white cat that lives in Japan. Her human mom refers to her as “a pretty girl” and documents the pampered kitty’s life in her instagram account @ai_sora0606. Sora means “the sky” in Japanese, so it’s a really lovely and poetic name.

The cute cat’s owner loves beautiful tableware and elaborate table settings. She also has a passion for cooking and decorating her dishes in a most exquisite way, and likes to order from restaurants.

Sora’s owner (unlike her kitty, unnamed in her Instagram account) treats her pampered pet like a little human. She dresses the feline in lovely clothes and headdresses and photographs her with delicious things served on expensive and elegant tableware.

In fact, Sora’s table settings are so splendid they could make Marie Antoinette cry! Her fine china and ceramic plates, cups, and saucers can be found in the tableware sections of the most expensive department stores. Brands include Le Creuset and the legendary Wedgwood, highly sought after by collectors.

The treats that Sora’s owner serves to herself and her pampered kitty include some haute cuisine offerings, elegant pastries, Japanese traditional sushi and wagashi, gourmet chocolates, beautiful cakes. One of the world’s most pampered pets is often invited to high tea and enjoys top quality leaf tea, scones, jams, butter, and finger sandwiches.

Sora’s pretty outfits complement the overall look. The pampered cat is wearing a lovely Santa hat for Christmas, a cute little kimono for a sushi dinner, a tiny straw hat for a summer lunch, bunny ears for an Easter feast, and some other cute costumes like a banana-shaped cap.

Sora is one of the Most Well-Mannered Pampered Pets Ever

Notably, Sora is an incredibly well-mannered cat. While some pampered pets don’t hold back in hurting their generous owners’ feelings by grabbing stuff from their plates or throwing glassware off the table, Sora never behaves like that. Although she does give an occasional sniff or an intense stare to some of the treats.

We are not sure if the feline really gets to taste all the gourmet offerings, but it’s pretty obvious that pampered cat is happy and very well cared for.

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