Movie Quiz Questions: If You Can Spell 18/20 Of These Movie Titles Right, Then You’re An Actual Genius

Movie Quiz Questions
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Welcome to Quiz Games’ Movie Quiz. Here you can answer movie quiz questions and test your knowledge about Movie titles spelling in one large spelling quiz.

Cinema is one of the best inventions in human history. Almost everyone in the world has access to this form of entertainments that provides an enjoyable escape for a couple of hours. There are history movies, dramas, comedies, documentaries, action, and adventure flicks. Everyone can pick a movie for their liking.

Movie naming is probably the most important step of the movie-making process and of the movie marketing campaign development. Filmmakers usually get the idea for a movie title from the character names, locations, story ideas, situations happening in the film. Usually, several titles are selected and tested very thoroughly with the best one becoming the final choice of the directors and producers. Sometimes all the movie is made under a working title and the final title is attached to the movie just before the release. Often filmmakers need to hide the real title under the working title to hide the movie from fans early on and to prevent spoilers. For example, Titanic’s working title was Planet Ice. But our focus for this quiz is testing how well you remember the final release titles of the world’s most popular movies.

Movie Quiz Questions

How much do you actually know about movies? Are you a real fan of cinema? Have you seen the posters for all the popular movie franchises? Do you remember the titles of all these movies? What iconic movie titles do you have difficulties with? We have picked 20 titles from IMDB’s “Top 250” movies list for this spelling test. Are you a true movie fan or a wannabe? Maybe you can call yourself a real spelling genius? Check your knowledge by taking our cinema quiz! If you can spell 18/20 of the movie titles mentioned in this quiz, then you’re a real cinephile!

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