Biology Quiz: Most People Can’t Identify Which Crops Are Indigenous To The Americas — Can You?

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Welcome to our Biology Quiz page. Here you can test your knowledge about the history of crops in one large food quiz.

Can you believe that some of the popular foods we have today were unknown in some parts of the world for centuries? So some of your ancestors never tried the most common foods we have today. Can you imagine that staple foods of some countries’ cuisines, the foods that you can’t imagine iconic dishes from those countries without, have actually originated in completely opposite parts of the world?

Many of the crops we eat today as a staple of our diets were never known and never even tasted just several generations ago. Some of the crops were brought to the Old World and only used as decorative plants for years before they were found to be edible. For example, Italian cuisine had been absolutely different before the discovery of the New World. So some of the foods that are traditional in Italy in our time were only introduced there in the late 18th or even early 19th century! And later Italian immigrants introduced Italian food to the USA. So basically, American veggies were reintroduced to the continent back from Europe through recipes that were new to this culture. We are not going to disclose which crops we are talking about just yet. You’ll have to guess them in our entertaining and educational quiz.


Biology Quiz Questions

How much do you know about Biology, history of food and crops? And do you know which foods have originated in the Americas and which ones come from Europe, Asia, Africa? Which crops were grown by your distant ancestors and which weren’t? Where does Avocado come from? What is the home country of Watermelon? Did your ancestors eat Pumpkins? Guess all the crops of the New World by taking our Biology Quiz! If you can score 18/20 on our Food Quiz, we’ll be seriously impressed with your education!

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