Star Wars Personality Quiz: Answer Some Random Questions And We’ll Tell You Which Star Wars Planet You Should Live On

Star Wars Personality Quiz, Star Wars Quiz
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Welcome to the galaxy far away and to our Star Wars Personality Quiz. Here you can find out what Star Wars planet you should live on by taking this quiz and selecting some random things.

Star Wars saga is a legendary set of movies that consists of three trilogies telling the story of the Skywalker family and several spin-offs about some other important characters and events of those trilogies. At the beginning of every Star Wars movie, we see the titles running across the screen reminding us that all the events of the saga took place a long time ago in a galaxy far away. This galaxy is actually full of some very unusual planets. Each planet has its own climate, ecology, and other characteristics.

Most of these planets are actually inspired by certain places on Earth. For example, the forests of Europe, the Sahara Desert, and the volcanoes of Hawaii, etc. In fact, a lot of the planets we can find in Star Wars could really exist in our universe, and scientists have already observed these planets orbiting some not very distant stars. However, some of the planets in these movies are, of course, a work of science fiction. But what if we could live on planets like this?

Star Wars Personality Quiz Questions

Have you ever wondered what planet is the best for your personality type? Which planet you should actually live on? What is the best climate for you? Which season do you prefer? What pets would you like to own? Which country would you like to travel to? What language do you want to learn? What Pokémon do you like? Which Jedi, Sith, Star Wars robot, Skywalker or any random Star Wars character would you pick? Your choice of some random things can actually tell quite a bit about your personality. So if you make some choices we can determine your personality type and suggest you a Star Wars planet that goes best with your personality.

Star Wars Personality Quiz Rules

After clicking the red “Start Quiz” button please select one of 4 possible answers for each question. Don’t forget to share your end result on Facebook and Twitter so that all your friends know what faraway galaxy planet you really come from. 😉

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