Pokémon Games Quiz: If You Score 18/20 On This Pokémon Games Quiz, You’re A Pokémon Genius

Pokémon Games Quiz

Pika-pi! You’re entering to our Pokémon Games Quiz page. You can test your knowledge about Pokémon Games in one massive quiz.

The Japanese Pokémon Game franchise is the second best-selling game franchise in history, extremely popular all over the world. All the games are RPGs where you have to catch and train Pokémon, the cute (and not so cute) pocket monsters, which can evolve and gain new abilities. Pokémon gain new abilities and evolve by fighting against wild creatures or Pokémon that belong to other trainers, for instance.

There are 18 types of Pokémon that differ by their elemental properties (like Water, Fire, Grass, Psychic, Fairy, Ghost, Flying, etc) and 832 known kinds of Pokémon. The slogan of the game series is “Gotta catch em all”, but it’s a pretty difficult task. Pokémon live in fictional regions that are based on real-world countries. These regions have various landscapes, like forests, seas, deserts, and mountains, all these territories are the natural habitats of Pokémon. Pokémon regions also have town and cities where you can recharge your pets, but Pokéball and other necessary items and compete with trainers and gym leaders in local gyms to get your gym badges and receive new abilities. Traveling the regions and identifying and collecting the pocket monsters makes the games so interesting in addition to all the battles and the evolution of your fictional pets.

Pokémon Games Quiz Questions

How much do you actually know about Pokémon Games? How many game installments have you played? Do you know anything about the creator of the games? What do you know about Pokémon characters? Can you tell a Kadabra from a Charmander and Bulbasaur from Pikachu? What Pokémon evolve from Eevee? Can you recognize a Pokémon in a picture? How about Pokémon regions? What do you know about them? Are you a real Pokémon fan or a wannabe? Maybe you are a real Pokémon genius? So check your knowledge by taking our Pokémon Games Quiz! If you can score 18/20 on this quiz then you’re a real Pokémon trainer!

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